How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Pizza Party!

The Accused

The Trash

The First Clue

And the clues Rolled In...


There are many instances of strange, unexplained behavior among the suspects that need to be given serious consideration in determining who is responsible for the disappearance of the green bag.

  1. Mandy and the Mulls all left town quite soon after the initial appearance of the green bag on Saturday night. Doesn't this seem suspiciously like a planned get-away following the occurrence of a crime?
  2. Vicki claimed that she went through the garbage to be sure the bag hadn't accidentally been thrown out. Ha! I can remember how she'd whine if the spinner selected "Clear Table" as her chore because it meant taking out the garbage and she was scared to death of going out to the garbage cans. It seems highly unlikely that she'd voluntarily dig through the garbage for any reason and that this was intended to throw us off the track.
  3. It's definitely odd that it was Anna who disclosed the existence of the note. Although the handwriting analysis didn't determine who did write the note, a comparison with Anna's handwriting conclusively established that she didn't write it. She was obviously set up by someone and the logical conclusion is that she was duped by those she trusted most - her own parents.
  4. Sheri was concealing something under her clothes all week. Did anyone check to make sure it was only her belly?
  5. Jenni broke out in hysterical laughter on several occasions. Is this the kind of behavior we would expect from a person with nothing on her conscience?
  6. Rebecca hardly ever nagged her children about the amount of candy and snack food they were eating. Can it be that they discovered a secret she was hiding and she was bribing them not to tell?
  7. Doug, Beth and Tom all acted as if they were the last people on earth to get involved with a caper like this. Just exactly the kind of behavior employed by the worst villains in the best spy movies!
  8. Molly and Jim were seen grinning from ear to ear every time the green bag was mentioned. They've been married for a year now so we really can't go on blaming their silly grins on the fact that they are newly-weds. What are they up to?

Admittedly, this is all circumstantial evidence but sufficient circumstantial evidence can lead to a conviction. If all innocent parties contribute what they know to this investigation, the TRUTH WILL BE REVEALED.

Yours in pursuit of the real answer, Luanne

[PLEASE NOTE: Luanne did not include herself in the list of possible suspects. Hmm...]


While visiting Doug and Beth I noticed that Hunter was kept out in the garage under the pretense that he was to grumpy to come in and visit. Could it be that he was guarding something out there? Something that the occupants of the house did not want us to see in their possession?

Hummmm............ looks a little suspicious to me.


I tried to e-mail the mysterious TRU465?? who claims to know who has The Green Bag. My e-mail could not be delivered because "TRU465??59" is not a member!

Could this be A CLUE????


While looking at the photos of The Green Bag's summer adventures I was struck by the similarity of the handwriting when compared to Rebecca's. I even matched it up with a sample I had on hand. I am no expert - but it looked pretty darn close. I also noticed that there seemed to be some editing done on the word "occurred" which leaves me to believe that it was edited due to her not-so-secret lack of spelling skills.


P, B & J


Ok... I am accusing Rebecca or Luanne of having taken the photos. (but I am betting that this whole thing was Dan's idea.) First of all... look closely at the P B & J photo. The Colegrove kids' rollerblades are in the shot which means they were still in Ohio when this photo was taken. The photo of Hallie checking out her handwriting analysis was taken at the Colegrove's house in Virginia. There are no hardwood floors at Jenni's or Molly's homes. So we know that Rebecca or Lu had to have taken at least one of these photos. Hmmmmmmm. - Sheri

Maple Terrace

TGB Sighting

Maybe this will help. I think I was the last one to see the Green Bag in its intended location.

The date was June 26, 1999. The event was the Back Steps Birthday Party. I was at [address deleted, Ed.], sometimes fondly referred to as Maple Terrace. I was in the kitchen and there were nine pizza boxes on the table. While opening them up to ready them for consumption, one of the boxes (a small pizza size from Gioninno's) contained, to my great surprise, the GREEN BAG! Apparently several accomplises were involved in this scam, convincing an innocent local pizza delivery boy to smuggle the bag into Maple Terrace in this fashion.

Rightfully, the Green Bag should be in MY possesion since I was the one who opened the box! I am filled with guilt for letting the poor bag be kidnapped by some monster. Had I rescued it from that box right then and there this never would have happened. It has been difficult for me to sleep at night, worrying about how it is being treated in the hands of someone else. We've had so many good times together, and I so look forward to its return.

Should it be necessary, I can witness in a court of law that the Green Bag was indeed in that box on that table in that room in that house on that day at that event.

Gratefully appreciate your search for THE TRUTH!

Jennifer J. Johnson Reusser

p.s. Some of the residents of Maple Terrace are not to be trusted. I suggest you investigate them in depth. It might also help you to know that a certain Tyler T. Stallsmith is a skilled investigator and he even pronounces the word well, and frequently.

Takin' a Snooze

TGB Sighting #2

Now please understand, I am merely an interested person trying to return the green bag to its riteful owner. However, I did sight a green bag-like object while viewing the July 4 fireworks at Orr Park. It was looking pretty comfy on one of the fold-away chairs. Even had a lemonade closeby. When the fireworks were over I tried to rescue it but--horrors of horrors--it had disappeared. Maybe it went down to the pavillion for one more laugh!!! Anyone else see it at the park? Paula Reusser

Goin' To Harry's

TGB Sighting #3

I'm sure I saw the green bag last week on our vacation to St. Louis, MO. We had just journeyed to the "top of the Arch" when I saw a flash of green go by on it's way down. I didn't get a good look at the person carrying it, because I was so surprised to see the famous bag.

Beth Gaborcik, Rittman, OH


(Missing photo)

TGB Submission #4

The last time I saw the greenbag, it was on a nude beach in the South of France, and I don't think it was in any hurry to come "home".



TGB Sighting #5

Did someone say GREEN bag? As in Big Green? It was last seen in Hanover being used as a do-rag. - A.F.

I Love A Parade!

TGB Sighting #6

I swear I saw an airline attendant, (I think I was flying Northwest), carrying a green bag made of material that looks much like the background of your strange website. As near as I could tell, she was using it as a carry on and kept things like makeup, magazines, cold pizza, and walking shoes in it. The other strange thing was she kept humming "Celebration", then she'd sing out loud whenever she'd come to the part about "we're gonna have a good time, tonight, let's celebrate, it's alright...." - CLU102??

And The Cotton Candy...

TGB Sighting #7

I think I saw it in the federal couthouse in Phoenix. Good luck. - Maurice Portley


Road Trip to ?

Rest Stop

Makin' Friends

Where Am I?


I don't think we should eliminate my wonderful son-in-law as a suspect. Just because he wasn't at the party, doesn't mean he wouldn't connive a way to get his hands on the green bag. After all, he works for a prestigous newspaper and has connections with many inside invesitgative reporters. Do we know for sure that the bag was gone before the Akron Beacon Journal delivery boy showed up the next morning? Was there always someone in the kitchen keeping a watch on the bag while it was resting comfortably in the pizza box? NO!!! Rich could have easily arranged the whole thing, and had someone slip in the front door and snatch the bag. I have great respect for his wisdom, cleverness, and creativity. I wouldn't put anything past him! - Jenni



Comments From The Peanut Gallery

Through it all, comments were being accepted on this web site...

"Maybe this is a case for Fox and Mulder. They could team up with Steve and Blue. Now wouldn't that be interesting."

"Have you ever been watching the news when they cover one of those Star Trek conventions and you think to your self, 'Jeez, those people need to get a life!' I wonder what they would say if they saw this!"

"Well, at least the green bag is Y2K compliant."

"I do think someone will be nominated for a green -bag 'Oscar'...........My vote was correct from the get-go.......!"

"I suspect that The Green Bag may be doing some traveling on the current World Laughter Tour?"

"Maybe the green bag has buried its self somewhere in central Ohio and will show up again in 17 years."

"I am sure we are all sleeping better just knowing that a talented young man like Mr.. T. T. Stallsmith is on the job! I wish him the best of luck! A (Less) Concerned Citizen. PS I hope his hard work does not leave him feeling blue."

"Hey who is this anonymous person!?!"

"Maybe the green bag was recycled with the pizza boxes that means it now out there some where making the world a little greener" -Emily

"I hope The Green Bag gets to do a few more things this summer. So far it looks to be pretty dull."

"Please tell the Johnson family that I am friend, not foe. My intent was to enjoy your game, and also to warn you that JENNI IS A LIAR! (and I mean that in the most loving way!) I'll go away now because I do not want to disturb or concern anyone by seeming to be some scary unknown observer. Love to all the Johnsons!" ANONYMOUS

"I think the Green Bag is with Hillary, enjoying a vacation in New York State. I also think that the person who designed the background should be demoted. It's too hard to read it".- Eleanor Wilson

"Do you realize that our kids are going to grow up thinking this is normal behavior?!"

"Gosh, and I was just getting to like that anonymous person, and now they are leaving!"

"All right, I confess- I didn't do it! And I am glad I didn't do it! Because if I hadn't not done it this would all be my fault!" Emily

"I think the suggestion that the bag is behaving like a Cicada locust and will show up again in 17 years is indeed clever, but heaven forbid we would be on this search until 2016!"

"You Johnson sisters are not getting older, you're getting better. Someone should write a play about you. You have all brightened my life vicariously." - Kit Wilson

"The history, clues, et al, were very enlightening. You may be sure I will check in at the website frequently - it's so intriguing! You don't mean to tell me that dress was made out of that material? No wonder it has disappeared. You should all be committed; I just hope none of you ever change." Kit Wilson

Forwarding a comment from Sandy Barber - love her quote about "When the moon hits your eye..." Lu.

Dear Luanne: Well it's about time!!! The website will immediately go on my "Favorite Places" list. "When the moon hits your eye like a greena bagga pie it's amore!!" Of course I'll be looking forward to the photos on the website. It looks like we'll be going to Costa Rica next year Feb-Mar. Has the bag been to Central America??

"Okay. Enough comments about the Johnson sisters. It's the NEXT GENERATION that is totally loony. This is ALL THEIR DOING !!! And I love it." - Jenni

"Veeerrrrryyyy interesting, indeed! The photo series seems to clearly reveal who has been behind this entire caper! (That woman with the long hair, visor, and big satchel). But wait! I suspect there are more adventures to be discovered. The Green Bag may have a life of its own that some of you smarty pants don't know about. I submit that NONE of YOU know the real truth............stay tuned... ....(evil laugh here)........" CLU102??

The Tyler Investigation

Dear Concerned Citizens,

I am taking this opportunity to let you know that Mr. Tyler T. Stallsmith has indeed been investigating the disappearance of The Green Bag. His most recent investigation lead him to a doorknob at his grandparent's house. He tells me that this doorknob is "in trouble." He shrouds his investigations in secrecy, but I take this to mean he has detected fingerprints on this doorknob which may lead us to the missing Green Bag. Due to his incredible ability to seek out clues I asked his opinion of Steve and Blue being put on the case. According to Mr. T. T. Stallsmith, Steve and Blue are "living on the darkest side of Batman." This leads me to believe that Steve and Blue are not on our side in this search but possibly working for the enemy. I will keep you informed of any new developments. Rest assured that Tyler T. Stallsmith is on the case night and day.

Sincerely, His mother

Movin' On